Honduras Trips

  • My experience in Tela

    Imani with wheel barrow

    This blog post was guest written by Habitat Wake staff member, Imani West.

    My experience in Tela, Honduras was exceptional and wonderful. I had the opportunity to stay in this wonderful town for nine days with seven other individuals from Habitat. On our first day, we met with our wonderful host Hosea as well as Habitat Honduras staff and hotel staff.

  • Building In Honduras

    mbEveryone deserves a safe place to live. Housing inequality is a large problem all around the world. In Honduras, the large wealth gap was apparent in housing. It was great to see everyone help build a home for Sonia and her family in Honduras. When we arrived, the preparation for building had just started.

  • Honduras

    Habitat for Humanity’s mission, like God’s, is truly worldwide. The need for housing does not end at the border of Wake County! Habitat serves families in over 70 countries throughout the world and Habitat Wake is blessed to be significantly supporting the work of Habitat in Honduras, Malawi, and Cambodia. This fiscal year, we will provide funds to enable Habitat to serve 75 families in those countries.

  • Honduras Once Again

    Another team, our sixth, of 15 Habitat Wake volunteers heads out to Honduras in the morning to spend a week partnering with our friends at Habitat Honduras.  This year, we will return to the small village of El Rosario, outside of Santa Rosa de Copan as Habitat begins building another 18 homes adjacent to the 32 homes built in that community previously.  We will be just down the street from the community center and park that was sponsored by Habitat Durham and Habitat Wake.

  • Honduras Day 5

    Read the Habitat Honduras Global Village trip blog from Day 5, written by Habitat Wake's Marketing and Media Relations Manager, Monique. Check back daily to follow their trip!

    Nine days. Eleven volunteers. Two families. Together, we are helping to change the lives of all. As volunteers, we are learning about the challenges of life in Honduras, the differences in our cultures, and how hard it is to build homes here.

  • Honduras Day 2

    A group of Habitat Wake volunteers, staff and supporters are building in Honduras this week as part of Habitat Wake’s Global Building partnership. Each day, a member of the team will blog about their experience. Here is their blog from Day 2, written by Layla. Check back daily to follow their trip!

    Today was our first workday!