Honduras Day 2

October 7, 2014

A group of Habitat Wake volunteers, staff and supporters are building in Honduras this week as part of Habitat Wake’s Global Building partnership. Each day, a member of the team will blog about their experience. Here is their blog from Day 2, written by Layla. Check back daily to follow their trip!

Today was our first workday!

We got to the work-site this morning, and we were introduced to the families that would be living in the two houses that we are working on: 29 year old mother and her adorable 3 year old daughter, Andrea; And a father (Don Victor), mother (Sylvia), and their 20 year old son (Ricardo).

We got started clearing the plot of anything that had roots. And believe me, this was no small feat. I´ll tell you one thing, these people will have a beautiful view once the houses are done! Down the mountain, we can see Santa Rosa, and beyond that, we had the mountains. Their neighbors won't be too bad either -- we had two wandering cows join us in clearing one of the plots! The locals probably thought that we had never seen a cow before with the way that we were all going up to them and taking tons of pictures!

While everyone went back to work, I stayed behind and colored with Andrea. We were naming all the colors that Pooh, Tiger, and Roo would be. All during this, everyone was digging trenches in the places that the foundation would go. We dug about 2.5 feet down, but the masons want us to dig a lot deeper tomorrow.

After we left for the day, we went to a local store in town that made cigars. One man explained the process while another rolled cigars right in front of us. It was such a cool process!

Tomorrow, we will be digging more trenches and probably making form-work for the concrete and filling the land with small aggregates to make it level. The rain would be very much welcomed tomorrow in order to cool off while working -- I'll probably regret saying that as soon as we have to start working in the mud. haha

¡Hasta Mañana! ¡Buenas Noches!