Honduras Day 4

October 10, 2014

Here is the Habitat Honduras Global Village trip blog from Day 4, written by Maria. Check back daily to follow their trip!

Today was a day filled with hard work, adventure, and an excellent dinner. The weather cooperated with us while we began work in the morning. Jennifer, Angie, Megha and I all did fantastic at breaking boulders with a sledge hammer. Who would have known we'd be awesome at this task? We hammered away until the guys (Romeo, Sainjeev, and Addison) took over for us. Of course, they could not compare to us gals! Meanwhile, the rest of the group was hard at work finishing up the trenches - credit goes to Karan for going strong all day with the rebar. Luis's weather radar called for cloudiness with a chance of rain, and sure enough, it came right at the end of lunch. We sure did get all wet, muddy, and sweaty!

We finished the last couple of hours strong by moving all of the boulders and the broken up pieces alongside the perimeter of the house. Rodolfo did a phenomenal job moving the last few boulders with the wheelbarrow up the hill through the mud.

We then headed to Finca Seis Valles coffee bean plantation that is family owned and operated. The scenery was absolutely stunning. Mr. Orlando, the owner of the plantation, gave us a tour with information of how the coffee beans were grown, harvested, and distributed. At the end of the tour we ended our day with an exquisite main course of fried plantains, beans, rice, veggies, and delicious honey tasting chicken. Our dessert was even better with the choice of cappuchinos, lattes, hot chocolate, or the famous Cafe Natural Melado or Natural Honey Coffee, which is grown specifically for the restaurant. We finally headed back to the hotel with Luis and Michelle sharing their amazing singing skills on the bus ride. All in all, through the rainy weather, I'd say today was a great productive day.

Hasta mañana y Buenas Noches :)

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