Honduras Day 5

October 10, 2014

Read the Habitat Honduras Global Village trip blog from Day 5, written by Habitat Wake's Marketing and Media Relations Manager, Monique. Check back daily to follow their trip!

Nine days. Eleven volunteers. Two families. Together, we are helping to change the lives of all. As volunteers, we are learning about the challenges of life in Honduras, the differences in our cultures, and how hard it is to build homes here.

For the past four days, we have worked in harsh conditions, with minimal tools, and too exhaustion. This experience has provided us with personal gratification and a sense of accomplishment. Each day we have learned new skills, patience, and how to work as a team. Each member of our team has brought talents and skill sets that have benefitted the construction of these homes, whether that be flexibility, process improvement, or humor. We have learned to appreciate each other.

Our visit to El Rosario, the community that Habitat Wake has helped build, provided great satisfaction to our purpose in this mission. The completed community is full of children and families and shows us that life in Honduras is not much different than life anywhere else. The playground was busy with active children, front yards had small gardens, and neighbors were gathered together making small talk. This community has provided much hope, safety, and opportunity to the families. The playground, Parke Wake County, and the community center, named after Durham County, are proof that the mission and accomplishments of Habitat are making a difference. Safe, affordable housing is achievable and delivers long term benefits for the community and families.

Seeing the accomplishments of our four days of hard work and the accomplishments of the completed community of El Rosario put into perspective that one person can make a difference; however, collaboration of people can build homes, communities and hope.