Habitat Wake Happenings

  • A Glorious Unfolding

    It’s all about perspective.  This week, 130+ AmeriCorps volunteers from throughout the country have descended upon the Northeast End community in Wake Forest with the task of building three homes from framing to finish, 2 homes from painting to finish, and providing much needed exterior repairs to 10 owner-occupied homes—all the while living with co-workers in a freshman dorm at NC State.

  • S-w-e-e-e-e-t!

    Last Saturday (the day after Valentine’s), we celebrated the culmination of a very special partnership between Coastal Federal Credit Union and the Koledji family building a home near Triangle Town Center that the Koledji’s will purchase and realize their long-held dream of becoming homeowners in the U.S.

  • Triangle Habitats to Begin Using Mark Systems

    Habitat for Humanity of Wake County is excited to announce the selection of Mark Systems' Integrated Homebuilder Management System (IHMS) as our enterprise software suite. Mark Systems’ IHMS will be an ideal match for Habitat due to their capability to combine and leverage resources and knowledge, share information across a broader extent and create efficiencies that were not previously available. This new service will allow our organization to save more money that can be better spent towards building more homes for the families we serve.

  • Habitat Featured in North Raleigh News Article

    This past week, Habitat for Humanity of Wake County was featured in the North Raleigh News as part of an exciting announcement. Habitat Wake will begin breaking ground on five new homes in the Wake Forest area this spring. The work will be focused on the Northeast End of Wake Forest, which in general houses families who are of lower income. Wake Habitat is looking not only to build homes but make a lasting impact that will help the whole neighborhood to flourish, through A Brush With Kindness (exterior repairs) and Neighborhood Revitalization initiatives.

  • Town Of Apex!

    I made my way out to our White Oak Villas site in Apex on Saturday morning to help greet our 100+ construction volunteers.  Instead, I was greeted by the Town of Apex’s entire planning department, who had arrived early to do all the landscaping for our first 8 homes in the community!

    We work with planning departments to get our site plans and house plans approved as well as all of the various inspections necessary in new home construction.  One of the staff members mentioned how cool it was to help build one of the communities she had actually approved!

  • Nairobi To Apex

    Last night, we celebrated with Jane & Yabesh, the dedication of their new home at White Oak Villas in Apex.  What a story of triumph they had to tell.

    Five years ago, they won an “immigration lottery” in their homeland of Kenya to immigrate legally to the U.S.  This had been a goal of theirs for literally years so that their four children could receive the best education possible.