Pope Francis

Kevin Campbell | September 11, 2014

About a month ago, I received a call from a long-time Habitat colleague. I always love the opportunity to connect with others who share my passion for Habitat's mission, so I was happy to hear from him. This call exceeded my expectations!  It turns out that Habitat for Humanity has a major donor who became very excited when Pope Francis was elected Pope in 2013.  His faith in the Church skyrocketed when Pope Francis began to focus on a Church built on women and men in service for all people, especially the poor. The donor has sponsored numerous Habitat homes around the country and in Haiti in honor of Pope Francis and he wants Raleigh to be next.  The donor has challenged our local community to match his donation and fully sponsor (land + construction) a home for Habitat Wake in Maybrook Crossings this fall. The local Catholic community, who is very faithful to our work, was already on board to partially sponsor a home this fall so we had a great fit and we are excited to kick this project off on Saturday with a ground blessing for a new home for the Kpa/Ksor family in Maybrook Crossings. I, too, am excited about the Pope’s leadership of the Catholic Church and his commitment to justice for the poor.  Now it’s just come much closer to home!