Johnston County Coalition

The Johnston County Coalition is an ecumenical church build in Johnston County.

Stay tuned for the start dates for our next coalition build scheduled for Fall 2018 in Selma.

Construction Site Address: TBD

Key Dates:
Wall Build - 
Wall-Raising Ceremony - TBD • Construction site
Clergy and staff work mornings: TBD • Construction site
Dedication Ceremony: TBD

Construction Schedule

  • Day 1: Wall Building 

  • Week 1, Framing - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 

  • Week 2, Doors/Windows/Siding - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • Week 3, Siding/Frame/Boxes - Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Week 4, Boxes/Frame punch/siding -Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Week 5, Siding - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • Week 6, Siding - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • Week 7, Paint/interior trim - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • Week 8, Interior trim - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • Week 9, Exterior trim & landscaping - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Reserve your work days early. If spots are not filled, they are released for other volunteers 3 weeks prior to the work day to maintain the construction schedule. To reserve work days, contact Caroline Del Do at

Saturday Lunch: Your congregation may be assigned one Saturday during the build to provide lunch for the volunteers, house leaders and Americorps staff (30 lunches).

For materials to help recruit volunteers in your congregation, click here.  If you are a coordinator, you can view who has registered from your church on our Volunteer HUB. For instructions, click here.