Honduras Day 5

April 4, 2014

Today was our busiest day yet! On site, it was time for concrete: time to refill the trenches that we had just helped to excavate the two days before.  It was so rewarding to see our constant progress as each pile of gravel grew, was mixed into concrete, and then dwindled as it set the layers of carefully and skillfully placed stone. And then the most exciting moment of the day: construction moved above ground! The first two rebar skeletons, that many of the team members had spent time carefully assembling, were placed, waiting to be transformed into solid columns.

photo 1 (2)

But the excitement and novelty wasn't limited to the construction site. We started our day at a local school, where we had a chance to meet and play with all the kids. It was so hard to tear ourselves away to get to work! And after the workday, most of the group headed to La Campa. The view of farms set against mountains on the drive was wonderful; but then we also got to walk around in La Campa and check out its famous pottery and meet a local potter and her family.

photo 2

It's hard to believe how much we've managed to do in just three days. And on each of those days, I've found myself thinking about what's to come for this site: it will have far more life and activity after our short week here. It is a place where family will be reunited. A place where two siblings will establish homes just up the hill from their parents. We've accomplished far more than just hauling rocks or dirt or gravel. And we've learned so much about one another, about Honduras and the wonderful people who live here. It's a great thing to be a part of.

(This post was written by Honduras team member Marie Kieronski.)