Honduras Day 4: Primeiro A Obrigação, Depois A Devoção.

April 3, 2014

It has now been four days, and so far, I am having a blast. I am in Honduras, where I am literally lost in translation. The only way that I can get by is to use words in Spanish that are similar to Portuguese. Yes, today is April Fools Day, but this is no joke. I see how the people are living in Gracias, Lempira and the living conditions are not the best. One good thing about the Hondurans is that they are able to make the best out of every situation. I think about how people in the States take many things for granted. We live in world where the focus is mainly on money. There are so many wants rather than needs in our lives. It gets to the point where there is no peace or happiness. 
On day three, I had the privilege to meet the family that we are building a Habitat home for. I was excited to see the site - it has a view similar to Runyon Park outside of Los Angeles. Seeing the smiles on the families' faces reminded me of why I am in Honduras building a two bedroom house that is about the same size as my one bedroom apartment. It may be considered small in the States, but at least it is a new place to call home. Although I cannot speak on behalf of the other people on our trip, all I can say is that the reason why I am here is because I want to go out and change the lives of others. I am able to continue to pay it forward after what Habitat for Humanity did for my family and friends back home in the outer banks.
I can say that this mission trip has been very rewarding so far. The joy of paying it forward is certainly the best thing one person can have. The quote that has stuck me in my time here, is a Brazilian proverb that my grandma once told me: "Não deixes para amanhã o que podes fazer hoje." It means "Don't leave for tomorrow for what you can do today."
I believe what she said is certainly true!
(This blog was written by Cat Leake, one of our 2013-2014 AmeriCorps National members.)