Celebrate Black History Month by advocating with Habitat Wake

February 14, 2023


We are celebrating Black History Month by commemorating Black housing leaders whose strides have broken barriers and increased access to affordable housing.  

We also cheer on those who are carrying the torch today, and we aim to be good partners in that labor—especially when it comes to housing.  

The future of Black history relies on housing affordability 

To secure a path for history-making innovative growth in Wake and Johnston counties, it is imperative we address our housing crisis. After Emancipation in 1863, Black communities thrived where housing was affordable. In the decades since, local and federal policies have gutted the gains that once propelled communities.  

As a result, we are facing staggering levels of disparity in housing affordability today. The rate of Black homeownership in 2021 was lower than it was when overt discrimination was legal, prior to the Fair Housing Act of 1968.  

A time to advocate together  

Habitat organizations across the nation are working to acknowledge the cause of housing inequality. Last week, at Habitat on the Hill, over 350 people from many walks of life came together to champion policy change. 

“Habitat is an established affordable housing leader, both as a developer and mortgage provider in the U.S.,” says Tawkiyah Jordan, Habitat for Humanity International’s Senior Director of Housing and Community Strategy.  

“Our experience and scale uniquely position us to increase Black homeownership, a commitment we want to make absolutely explicit.”  

Habitat organizations are well positioned to advocate for these policy changes – the brand is well-known and trusted across the nation. However, we are only as strong as our network of supporters and allies who are willing to help us spread the word at state, local and federal levels.