Building the affordable housing supply

Kevin Campbell | November 3, 2017

Check out this article by Alan Durning, written from a Seattle perspective on Sightline Institute's website, addressing the simple fact that lack of affordability is, at its root, caused by an excess of demand over supply. Raleigh gets relatively good marks in this article, but I'm concerned we are headed down a path that cities like Seattle are already experiencing.

"'You can’t build your way out of a housing affordability problem.' That’s conventional wisdom. I hear it all the time: Prosperous, growing, tech-rich cities from Seattle to the Bay Area and from Austin to Boston are all gripped by soaring rents and home prices.
But what if you can build your way to affordable housing? What if, in fact, building is the only path to affordable housing? What if cities around the world have been building their way to affordability for decades?
You can. It is. And they have."

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