Habitat Wake & NC State focus on finishing 11 Build-A-Block townhomes

January 30, 2017

Thanks to 2,000 volunteers investing more than 10,000 hours on the construction site, the Build-A-Block project to construct 11 Habitat Wake townhomes on Kirk Avenue is nearly halfway through construction. Build-A-Block is a collaboration of Habitat Wake and NC State to build safe, affordable homes in partnership with the local community.

The construction cost for all 11 Build-A-Block townhomes totals $715,000. Build-A-Block has raised 85 percent of the goal, with 40 sponsors contributing at least $5,000 each. Platinum sponsors contributing $65,000 or more include ABB, MetLife, and NC State Athletics. The Habitat Campus Chapter at NC State has led the way in fundraising, raising more than $100,000 to date.

“We are so proud of our Campus Chapter leaders and all of our students for making this project a reality. They’ve set the fundraising bar high and have spent hundreds of hours volunteering on the construction site,” said Mike Giancola, NC State Assistant Vice Provost, who is co-chairing Build-A-Block with NC State student Sarah Paluskeiwicz, past president of the campus chapter.

Volunteer support from the NC State community has been tremendous. More than 25 student groups have worked on site, including 179 athletes representing 11 teams.

“We’ve also received great support from many NC State alumni,” commented Melanie Rankin, development director for Habitat Wake. “With continued financial and volunteer support from NC State graduates and other university friends, we believe we can reach 100 percent of our goal by April 1.”

Construction on the next six townhomes began last weekend. Associates from MetLife were onsite to build and raise walls.

“Our employees are committed to enriching our surrounding communities,” said Jim O’Donnell, Executive Vice President and MetLife’s Chief Technology Officer. “We’re honored to continue our Habitat Wake partnership in such a meaningful way by helping to build the foundation for these families’ futures.”

Other Build-A-Block leaders include Chancellor and Mrs. Randy Woodson, honorary co-chairs, Smedes York, Chair, Red Ribbon Committee, Debbie Yow, Chris Corchiani, Trent Ragland, Terrence Holt, and Torry Holt, Red Ribbon Committee members.

Build-A-Block expands upon Habitat Wake’s long-standing relationship with the Habitat Campus Chapter at NC State, one of the strongest in the country. Since 1996, the chapter has raised more than $350,000 and helped build 22 homes in partnership with Habitat Wake.