Generations Next Door: Daughter and Parents Become Neighbors

July 9, 2024

Homebuyer Hasna and her parents sitting on her porch

As families face rising costs and limited housing inventory, the need for innovative and inclusive approaches becomes more evident, including options that serve multi-generational families. Our partner homebuyer, Hasna, not only purchased a home for herself but also guided her parents through the same process. Now, they will be living just two doors apart, creating a beautiful intergenerational neighborhood.

"After graduating, I faced numerous financial challenges in my quest to find a house. The mortgage rates were far beyond my budget, and it seemed almost impossible to achieve my dream of homeownership. Then, I discovered Habitat for Humanity. I immediately filled out an application, and to my relief and excitement, I was called for an orientation. This moment reignited my hope of owning a house and becoming neighbors with my parents," Hasna says.

Hasna's home was recently completed as part of the 2024 Home Builders Blitz, and her parents home is nearing the end of construction this summer. As Hasna reflected on the future, she shared with us, "My vision is to raise my own children close to their grandparents, fostering strong family bonds. I imagine my kids growing up with frequent visits to their grandparents, enjoying family meals, and creating lasting memories. The prospect of having our families so close together is a dream I've held dear, and it motivated me to keep pushing forward."

That dream is now officially a reality for this family, and we could not be more excited for them to begin the journey of making memories in their new neighborhood.

To help us support more stories like Hasna's, consider donating to Habitat today. Every gift helps us invest in our community and create more affordable housing opportunities right here in Wake County.