2024 Advocacy Training

February 5, 2024

Advocacy Training Winter 2024

On a chilly morning in January, volunteers faced freezing weather to attend this year’s Advocacy Ambassador Training. Advocacy is another strategy that Habitat uses to combat the affordable housing crisis. Through the Advocacy Ambassador program, volunteers are given the skills and tools to use their voices to stand up for affordable housing in their communities. Learn more about how you can become an Advocacy Ambassador here.

Advocates of all ages took part in the training to learn more about the scope of the affordable housing crisis and ways they can help solve the problem. If you were unable to attend the training, you can read more the housing crisis on our blog.

The day started off with Advocacy 101, which highlighted how advocacy has and can be used as a tool to create positive change in our communities. After that, folks could choose between a series of simultaneous training sessions led by both Habitat staff and experienced Advocacy Ambassadors. Sessions included an overview of what public policies can be utilized to further promote affordable housing and how to meet with elected officials. Both new and experienced advocates took part in the training, and some returning volunteers even led some of the trainings! As Advocacy Ambassador Phil Welch reflected:

“[It was] great to see both experienced Advocacy Ambassadors and new recruits! This is at least my third or fourth training session, and I always learn lots of new info that will be helpful in upcoming Lobby Days.”

By the end of the day, the energy in the room was electric and ambassadors were fired up and ready to get started working on Habitat’s 2024 advocacy campaigns. Advocacy Ambassador Becky Burmester summed up how the day went for her by saying:

“Habitat Wake does the absolute best trainings. Great usable information; well-planned use of time; and creation of a sense of can do about addressing the issue of affordable housing.”

At the training, advocates also heard about ways to get involved in our campaigns for affordable housing, including advocating for more affordable housing funding across the County and preventing displacement. Learn more by reading about Habitat Wake’s policy priorities here.

Even if you missed this advocacy training, there are lots of ways to become an advocate.

  • Sign up to be an Advocacy Ambassador and use your voice for affordable housing
  • Join our next Advocacy Ambassadors gathering in the Spring (date TBD)
  • Learn how you can get your church or group involved in one of our advocacy campaigns by reaching out to rebecca.hix@habitatwake.org