De Honduras

Kevin Campbell | March 9, 2011

Our work continued today on Enma's house.  Still doing the same tasks.  Hoping that the cinderblocks will start getting laid tomorrow.  For us, I think that means carrying them to the local masons to lay them.  The work is extremely labor intensive--all manual, nothing at all mechanized. We are exhausted, but not so much that 5 of us didn't steal away for a few minutes to play some basketball at the local primary school.  It was a 5 on 25 game, but we did have quite the height advantage.  Our team leaders, Margaret and Miguel Rubiera from Durham Habitat for Humanity have established a great relationship with the school principal.  Needless to say, when we arrived, it was recess! Much fun.  Very rewarding and humbling at the same time.  I am eager for Habitat Wake to get more involved with Habitat's work in Honduras.

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Kevin Campbell, President/CEO of Habitat Wake, is a recognized leader in service to the goal of affordable homeownership in Wake County and around the world.  His unwavering professional commitment to Habitat for Humanity and its vision – a world where everyone has a decent place to live - goes back nearly 30 years. Follow him on twitter at @kevinhabitat.