Honduras Day 1

March 31, 2014

Today was the first day of our Honduras adventure.  The group has come together from many places, and even though we spent one day building together on a local Habitat home, many of us are strangers, coming together for a common goal to help build houses in Honduras.  Our personal reasons for coming are varied and what will will take away from the trip will be just as varied. Hopefully, we will come together as a team to have some fun, work together and help build a house, get to know some people on the team and in Honduras, appreciate the culture, and appreciate the many blessings and unique gifts that God gives each of us.

We started by meeting at the airport at 4:30 am, earlier than most of us are used to functioning.  In spite of this, everyone was very pleasant and looking forward to the day.  Everything went as planned, and we arrived at the San Pedro Sula airport on schedule.  Everyone exchanged money and walked away with Lempira, the local currency.  Allison, the only team member not from Raleigh, met us there.  Her trip had not been as uneventful.  She spent the previous night at the Houston airport.  Despite this, she was in good spirits.  We loaded our luggage on top of the bus, which helped us appreciate why our local group leader, Luis, had asked us to pack light!  Rolando, our bus driver for the week, did a great job of getting everything strapped down and didn't complain about the heavy luggage!  We successfully arrived at Gracias, all luggage intact, at about7:45 pm EST.  Despite the long travel day, everyone was in good spirits and looking forward to the week ahead.

Now for the work of learning to love God, love others and be open to what God wants to do with each individual here . . .

(This blog was written by Danna Ross, a Habitat Wake volunteer.)

Here's a photo of some of the group on one of their first days. More photos will accompany upcoming blog posts, so make sure to check back!