A Home For Everyone In Cary

April 20, 2017

On Monday, the Town of Cary’s Planning and Zoning Board considered a proposal by Habitat Wake to build nine homes off of Trimble Avenue. After a lengthy public hearing, the board recommended that the Town Council deny our application for rezoning of the land. We were disappointed with the decision and consider it a setback to our mission of providing affordable homeownership opportunities for hardworking families. The case is scheduled for a vote by the Cary Town Council at their regular meeting on Thursday, May 25. Between now and then, Habitat Wake will continue to advocate for affordable housing with the Town of Cary and surrounding community. We need your voice to help us amplify the message! Everyone deserves a place to call home. Here are several ways to get involved: Sign on to our letter of support. We will send this to Cary Town Council members at the end of May: bit.ly/SupportTrimble. Share your support for affordable housing on social media using hashtag #AHomeForEveryone. Tag the Town of Cary on Twitter: @TownofCary and Facebook: TownofCaryNC. Sample posts and Cary Town Council member handles are available here: http://bit.ly/CarySocialMed. Contact your Cary Town Council member and tell them you support the project. You can look up your representative here: http://bit.ly/CaryCouncil. A template for contacting your council member is available here: http://bit.ly/CaryCouncilTemplate. Attend the Cary Town Council meeting when council members will vote on Habitat Wake’s project. We will post the date on this blog when it is announced. Speak publicly in support of this issue. Please contact Rachel Zeitler at rachel.zeitler@habitatwake.org or 919-744- 2424 if interested. Help us build support by sharing this information with your networks. If you know someone who wants to help but isn't sure how, please connect them to us! There is a role for everyone. Contact Rachel Zeitler at rachel.zeitler@habitatwake.org or 919-744- 2424. Thanks so much for your support!