Ever Present Need

December 2, 2014

The N&O editorial nails it when they refer to affordable housing as an “ever present” need.  I might add “ever present” AND “growing.”

I had the privilege of attending yesterday’s meeting of the Wake County Commissioners to speak for affordable housing as the county addresses its comprehensive plan for housing.  You can see the video of my comments at the following link beginning at the 2:14.58 mark.

Habitat Wake is seeing both a growing need (we currently have about 150 families at some stage in our process toward homeownership—nearly double that of a couple years ago with a simultaneous jump in site acquisition costs.) As our community grows and prospers, there is a natural market tendency toward stressing the affordability of housing.  Let’s step up as a community and make a claim for housing affordability before it is too late and show the world what it looks like to grow in a way that benefits everyone!


"Also under consideration as a new commissioners' board takes over is the ever-present need for affordable housing. This board seems inclined to be more proactive in such areas, and let's hope it will be. In parts of Wake County, particularly the western part, such housing is virtually nonexistent, and that's not good for anyone, especially not for keeping school populations naturally diverse."      Editorial, News & Observer, December 2, 2014