April 10, 2013

Saturday, we were on vacation (Yep, the work of the week is now behind us!) in the Copan Ruinas area. We visited Mayan ruins, which was a first visit to the ruins of an ancient civilization for most in the group. To see the remnants of that part of the history of the region was spectacular. The ruins are impressive as they are today, but our guide promises much in the coming years, as archaeologists have discovered multiple layers of ruins with multiple structures and temples preserved beneath layers of rubble that will be revealed to tourists in future years. I will have to go back someday to see more.

After touring the ruins with our local guide, Marvin, we also visited a remote village where a few of the descendants of those early Mayans still live. These beautiful people scratch together a living from the land and from handcrafts of weaving and corn-husk doll making. The sales pitch of the children is I’m sure the difference between a good meal and going hungry for many in this village, thus a lot of handcrafts are going home with us…

This post comes from Gayle Campbell, who is the Global Compensation Manager for Habitat International and wife to Habitat Wake's President/CEO Kevin Campbell.