Welcome to Old Poole Place!

Chloe McNeal | November 17, 2022

Habitat Wake has officially kicked off development in our second largest community: Old Poole Place! 


This property, acquired by Habitat Wake in early 2018, spans 23 acres and hosts 105 lots to be filled with 60 single-family homes and 45 townhomes.  

While this is not Habitat Wake’s first large subdivision, we have historically built in-fill homes (single homes or sections of homes in preexisting subdivisions), which are generally easier to come by than large tracts of land.  

Our largest neighborhood to date, our Crosstowne community in Southeast Raleigh, was completed in 2019. When we acquired that land in 2015, some infrastructure was already in place, speeding up the development process. 

Old Poole Place, by contrast, will be the largest community we have ever built from raw land to closing. 

“This is definitely more of the future for us," said Brad McHugh, Vice President of Building Operations. 

Going forward, Habitat Wake plans to build more large communities like Old Poole Place in partnership with developers, builders, engineers, architects and municipalities.  

“Building on a scale like this has a lot of positives for Habitat, the community at large and our homeowners,” McHugh said.  

In this increasingly difficult market for affordable housing, building these larger communities helps to provide options to keep up with the growing demand.  

What will this community look like?  

Habitat Wake’s construction team and subcontractors are currently working on developing the community’s infrastructure, with construction on the houses planned to begin within a month.  

Old Poole Place backs up to a City of Raleigh transportation depot, called GoRaleigh transit. Access to public transportation is paramount in creating an accessible community for all and can have a substantial impact on overall transportation costs and commuting time.  

The work on Old Poole Place is just getting started! Stay tuned for updates as we work to create a new vibrant community and shape the future of Habitat Wake.