Welcome to the neighborhood, Tabatha!

Tiera Gibson | September 15, 2020

“God is my lifeline,” says future Habitat homeowner Tabatha. “If He doesn’t tell me to move, I don’t move.” 

Tabatha credits her faith in God for carrying her and keeping her grounded even during her most challenging times. As a mother of three, she is constantly staying busy, making sure all of her children’s needs are met. Tabatha says that the hardest part right now is helping her kids keep up with their virtual learning, especially her youngest son who started kindergarten this year.

Though her family is close knit, Tabatha and her children do not currently have the best living situation. 

“I don’t feel safe having my kids play outside anymore,” Tabatha says. “I just want them to grow up in a safe environment so that they can work towards setting an example for the next generation.”

Before COVID-19 hit, Tabatha applied for a Habitat home and was approved into the program, but left a few months later.

“I was sad but I realized that at that time I wasn’t financially ready,” Tabatha says. Over the next year, Tabatha worked hard to get her finances in order so she could reapply. Though homeownership felt like a faraway goal at that moment, she still never gave up. And now, she is on track to closing on her first home later this fall! 

Since applying for her home a second time, Tabatha has significantly improved at managing her finances by planning and budgeting. Additionally, she has completed her homebuyer online classes and 150 hours of sweat equity.

“It feels good to get it right a second time,” Tabatha says. “And I’m doing this all for my kids.”

Tabatha’s home will begin construction in the next few weeks, and she is expected to move in before the holidays.

“The first thing I’m going to do when I move in is pray over my home then take a deep breath,” she says. “This home will be our peace and the foundation to change our lives forever.”


Check out these photos of Tabatha putting in her sweat equity hours:

Caption: It takes a village! Tabatha lends a helping hand in painting her soon-to-be neighbor Danyelle’s new Habitat home.

Caption: Painting sure isn’t easy, but Tabatha makes it look effortless! Tabatha puts in sweat equity hours painting walls on a Saturday morning.