This or That with Bill Ahern

Tiera Gibson | August 30, 2019

Bill and Cool Guy emoji

If you really want to get to know your CEO have them play a game of "This or That!" Check out what ours had to say:

PS -- Yes, that is a photo of Bill with the cool guy emoji on his head (and no it is not photoshopped)! Bill's kids gave him this emoji pillow as a gag gift a few years ago; he's a bit of a jokester and enjoys sending them funny texts of him wearing it from time to time. 

Dog or Cat? Dog

Netflix or Youtube? Neither. I hardly watch TV but Beth, my wife, would say Netflix.

Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? I guess Facebook but Beth does that for us.  I do a little LinkedIn.  

UNC or Duke? UNC 

Coke or Pepsi?  Coke

Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner

Pancake or Waffle? Pancakes with a Bananas Foster Topping

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Froyo or Ice Cream? Ice Cream

Ketchup or Mustard? Mustard

Fruits or Vegetables? Veggies

Iced coffee or Hot coffee? Hot Coffee ... and lots of it

While walking: Music or podcasts? Music

iOS or Android? Android

Paper or Plastic? I wish I could say paper but it's plastic

Text message or Call? Depends

Passenger or Driver? Driver

Summer or Winter? Summer

Being too warm or Being too cold?  Daytime it's warm, and nighttime it's cold

Singing or Dancing? Dancing

Comedy or Drama? Comedy