Put your skills to work for Habitat Wake!

Do you have specific business-related skills? Are you looking for a way to get involved that doesn’t include swinging a hammer? We are looking for skilled volunteers to help us expand our capacity in operations, marketing, and homeownership programs. Your expertise could help us serve more families locally.


What is skills-based volunteering?

All of our volunteers are skilled! But contractors don’t necessarily volunteer on the construction sites, and thrift store managers don’t volunteer in the ReStore. These are examples of professionals using their specific skill set to help our mission. 

Skills-based volunteers have set hours each week that they contribute to Habitat Wake, and they consult in areas that they are already familiar with (mortgage lending, marketing, accounting, etc).


How is it different from pro-bono work?

They are very similar. We tend to think of pro-bono work as being a one-time project that is “donated” by a corporation or skilled individual (of course, this term originated with lawyers taking on a case without pay). A skills-based volunteer works with the nonprofit regularly over a longer period of time, and the nonprofit team stands to benefit not only from the direct work of such a volunteer, but also from the learning opportunity created by working with a subject matter expert.


Sounds like me -- what’s next?

Peruse our SBV job descriptions below and see what might be a good fit. And if you don’t see something up your alley, but you have skills and time you want to share with us, contact our Community and Volunteer Engagement Manager, Christin Murphy at christin.murphy@habitatwake.org or 919.744.2417.

Administrative Assistant Volunteer

Advocacy Volunteer

Assistant Closing Coordinator Volunteer

Business Analyst Volunteer

Construction Analyst Volunteer

Construction Consultant Volunteer

Construction Procurement Volunteer

Development Office Assistant Volunteer

Homeowner & Construction Support Volunteer

Homeowner Pipeline Consultant Volunteer

IT Support Volunteer

Salesforce Volunteer



Where can I read more?

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