Share The Love

December 20, 2012

I found ten biblical references to the concept of loving your neighbor as yourself.  These are prominent words and ones that we’ve all heard many times.  At Habitat, we see it acted out all the time. Last night, Habitat Wake was blessed to receive a commitment from Coastal Federal Credit Union to partner with us to fund the building of a house plus the lot the house will be built upon.  They handed us a $100,000 check to make that happen.  Events like that are always exciting! More than this generous check, Coastal has created a campaign that they call, Share the Love, that is about engaging their members in a community effort to help a neighbor.  Throughout this past year, Coastal has organized employees and created events to engage their members to participate in raising the funds for this home.  In receiving the check from Coastal’s CEO Chuck Purvis, I commented that Habitat builds community and the by-product of that community building is a simple, decent, affordable home for a family in need.  We are looking forward with great anticipation to building a home this coming fall with the entire Coastal community! What better sentiment this time of year or anytime, than sharing the love.  Indeed that is what life is all about!