Volunteer Spotlight: Nathan

General Account | April 22, 2022

Nathan Harris working on a Habitat Wake construction site.


Nathan is a high school student at Green Hope High School that gives his time to Habitat Wake and our community. Read below to find out why he gives his time to improving affordable housing in Wake County and Johnson County:

What attracted you to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Wake County?  

Learning about the purpose behind Habitat’s mission was what attracted me to start volunteering. I remember first signing up not knowing what to expect. I was assigned to paint doors with one of the future homeowners. After hearing about her story, and learning first hand of the impact Habitat has made in our community, I was hooked. I started volunteering every Saturday at Johnson Place. I realized that I was the only teenager volunteering consistently, and I made it my goal to not just get other teenagers engaged, but to get them hooked, just like I had been earlier that year. To do this, I started the Habitat Club at my high school [Green Hope High School].  

Why is service so important to you?  

I am fortunate to have grown up in a family that values service. I always knew that service would be a part of my future. The Habitat community has helped me to become a strong leader, and they have supported me in my efforts to lead my peers to create positive change. I would like to thank the other Force of Habitat and staff members for taking me under their wings.  

In what ways are you helping to build our communities with your projects with Habitat Wake?  

The special thing about Habitat is that we are building communities on multiple levels. I have helped contribute to the community of homeowners, construction teams, and groups of my service-minded peers. We are building houses in pockets of existing neighborhoods it creates diversity that strengthens communities. I remember having the opportunity to go back and visit Johnston Place after everyone had moved into their homes. I instantly knew that all of the hard work was all worth it.  

*Answers have been edited for clarity and length.