I Am Habitat

April 2, 2012

Heather and her family moved into a Habitat house in Wake County 16 years ago.  Heather was 10 then.  Today, Heather serves on staff at Durham Habitat as their volunteer services manager, coordinating the thousands of volunteers for their program.

Last month, Heather spoke to nearly 400 attendees at our annual Blueprint Breakfast event at the North Raleigh Hilton and proudly proclaimed, “I AM HABITAT!”  Heather spoke of how cramped her family was in their apartment and how hard her parents worked to provide for her and her siblings.  She talked of how embarrassing it was to a youngster to not have a decent place to live and of how she never had sleep-overs (very important to a 10 year old!) because there wasn’t enough room.

Habitat changed all of that for Heather and now she is returning the favor in her very enthusiastic and articulate way in her position at Durham Habitat.  It makes me proud that our organization could partner with Heather's family in 1996 and change the trajectory of Heather’s life and that of her siblings—either all finished with college or well on their way.