Easter Hope: A Message from VP, Faith Relations Rick Beech

April 9, 2020

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As a Christian organization, Easter is a big deal.  My thoughts and prayers are with each of us on this special occasion.


While Christians are not able to gather in their congregations to observe Holy Week this year, we are acutely aware that the message of Holy Week is as compelling as ever. In the midst of a global pandemic filled with fear, confusion, and death, we know that Christ is with us. While we are physically distant from one another, especially those suffering and grieving, Christ is not. Jesus, the embodiment of God's love, is right in the middle of all pain and suffering. Even when we can't take any more suffering and when darkness fills our lives, we know Christ is with us. Just when we think that darkness, death and suffering win, we miraculously see and experience the good news. Death and despair are defeated. Hope, love and resurrection win! 


Resurrection can't come quickly enough this year. I know that each of us can't wait to have COVID-19 behind us. We are eager for the suffering to stop and for some sense of normalcy to begin. We are eager to gather in other ways beside Zoom. We are eager to work and put God's love into action as we did before. We miss working with our volunteers and sponsors on the job sites. We miss picking up and receiving donations at the ReStores, and we miss interacting with our customers. We miss meeting with potential applicants. We miss gathering with our homebuyers.


Unfortunately, our resurrection from COVID-19 will take longer than Easter Sunday. We will not gather early next week as resurrected people with COVID-19 behind us. However, we know the end of the story. COVID-19 will not win. While pain and suffering will continue into next week, so will God's loving presence. God will be suffering with us and will be loving us until the very end of COVID-19. 


Our mission begins with, "Seeking to put God's love into action". This mission is needed more than ever. The world needs God's love. We need God's love. Let's be God's love to one another the best we can virtually until we are resurrected from COVID-19. Let's eagerly hope, pray and expect the day when we can all gather together again to robustly put God's love into action with our volunteers, homebuyers and partners.


Resurrection is Coming!