A mission trip, right here in Raleigh

January 11, 2016

“After hearing the enthusiastic description of youth mission trips this last Sunday, I’ve convinced myself I’ve been on a mission trip, without the youth part. On Saturday I drove over to the Habitat project on Martin Street at 8 in the morning and volunteered. Eventually there were around 25 people gathered to work together on the project house.

The people were from a couple of churches in the area, and there were a couple of young guys that just showed up. We started the work day with a prayer. Both genders, all age groups, different ethnicities, and people with widely different levels of skills were there, led by folks who had done this before.

I met some very interesting people, and found myself setting truss rafters with them most of the day. But there were abundant opportunities to serve without ever getting one rung up on a step ladder. We all worked hard, got dirty, got to know each other a little bit, and were happily exhausted at the end of the workday.

A huge benefit to my mission trip: I got to sleep in my own bed at night! There are ways in which that group and that neighborhood look a little bit like the neighborhood around our future church building.”

-- Dan Gargello, Holy Trinity Anglican Church