September 27, 2016

Marquida always has been on the move. After growing up in a tiny Eastern North Carolina town, she moved to Raleigh to attend Peace College where she played basketball and participated in a Habitat mission trip. Following graduation, she married and was blessed with two beautiful, active daughters. Then she found herself a single mom.

Ever ambitious, Marquida continued to challenge herself to build a brighter future for her family. She worked at the Wake County jail and studied to advance her career, becoming a deputy with the Wake County Sheriff's Department in early 2016.

She also built and bought her own home with Habitat Wake. "I had promised the girls we would have our own home, some way, and we would move from the run-down mobile home where we were living. This house means everything to my family," Marquida says.

Marquida looks to the security and comfort that their new home will provide, and plans to begin saving for college and retirement, a practice she intends to teach her daughters. The girls are eager to play with neighborhood friends and continue succeeding in elementary school.

Marquida says that the process of buying a house through Habitat Wake has taught all of them about setting goals, working hard, and never giving up.

"Habitat Wake is wonderful," Marquida adds. "I am grateful for all the people who are willing to help others move forward in life."

Your investment provides stability and opportunity for people like Marquida.

Many families live in substandard homes or in dangerous areas, while others are paying too much or living in crowded conditions. Habitat Wake partners with hardworking people for whom homeownership would otherwise be out of reach. Through Habitat Wake, families help build their homes (with at least 200 "sweat equity" hours), complete homeownership education in budgeting, home repair, and purchase their homes with an affordable mortgage.