Corporate employee becomes regular volunteer

February 9, 2016

Ken Hyer began volunteering with Habitat Wake nearly four years ago when he and a team of fellow Cisco employees came out to help build a home. Ken enjoyed the process so much that he joined us on the build site a couple more times. Before he knew it, he was volunteering with Habitat Wake every Saturday.

kenEnthused by the company's involvement and service to the community, Ken has worked with Cisco for six years. Whenever possible, Ken builds with his co-workers during the week. "Cisco recently launched their 'Build the Bridge' campaign. It's a huge donation and volunteer campaign," says Ken. "They understand that there's a need for assistance and financial support. They are really good at having volunteers and engaging employees to help and serve in the community."

Ken, who didn't have any construction experience prior to volunteering, says that he enjoys making believers out of new volunteers. "I really enjoy the times when we can find a volunteer who has never done this before -- they've never even swung a hammer -- but we can teach them to do construction safely and we can teach them in a way that they are comfortable. Hopefully by the end of the day they are really enjoying themselves," says Ken. "Even better is when they not only volunteer again, but become regulars."

Ken is a great example that Habitat Wake is not only building homes for our partner families, but building community through partnerships with individuals and businesses.

Written by: Chauncey Bowden