Nairobi To Apex

Kevin Campbell | October 31, 2013

Last night, we celebrated with Jane & Yabesh, the dedication of their new home at White Oak Villas in Apex.  What a story of triumph they had to tell.

Five years ago, they won an “immigration lottery” in their homeland of Kenya to immigrate legally to the U.S.  This had been a goal of theirs for literally years so that their four children could receive the best education possible.

Jane commented that they were surprised to learn upon moving to Raleigh that there is homelessness in the U.S. because landlords will actually evict you if you are unable to make a payment.  She said this doesn’t happen in Nairobi—landlords will work with you to pay what you can.

After five years, the eldest of their children is at NC Central University, son #2 is at Wake Tech, son #3 is a senior in high school and their daughter is in middle school.  Yabesh has completed his associate’s degree at Wake Tech.  They are thrilled beyond their wildest dreams to be homeowners in the U.S. and that it will cost them about half of what they have been paying for rent.

As the dedication service concluded, Jane warned us that in Kenya, the event would conclude with a joyful ,  African “yell” and she let out a high pitched exclamation of her family’s dream come true.  I wish all of our volunteers and donors could have been there to witness the true joy of a family achieving their life’s ambition.