Christmas: Culmination Or Beginning?

December 23, 2014

Since Thanksgiving, Habitat Wake has celebrated home dedications with 14 families.  Praise be to God for that!  A home dedication is a time when we celebrate with our homebuyers the completion of their home and we thank God and our volunteers and sponsors for making it happen.

So, we’ve been completing a lot of homes lately.  Families are reaching a long held dream to own their own home.  Volunteers and sponsors are proud of the work they’ve done.  Things are definitely coming to a culmination after literally years of struggle for some families.

The work is complete, but actually it has just begun.  A new home is a fresh start for a family—a place where life will unfold and play out as the years go by.  Communities will develop and flourish as new neighbors move in.

Just as with God sending Jesus to us at Christmas—a fulfillment of a promise to the people of Israel to send a Messiah—the birth of Christ is a new beginning for all of us.  May all of the homes Habitat builds be this beginning for the families that buy them and a base that provides a foundation for the family to develop into all that God intends for them.

Merry Christmas to each of you AND yes, we are starting some new homes in January.  Come on out and enjoy the fresh air!