Kevin Campbell | November 19, 2015

Recently, I had the blessing of travelling with NC State student, Habitat campus leader, and Habitat Wake board member Sarah Paluskiewicz and Raleigh ReStore manager, Eric Moe, to attend a conversation on leadership between Habitat for Humanity International CEO, Jonathan Reckford and Wake Forest University President Nathan Hatch.

Habitat for Humanity is certainly blessed by the strong leadership of Jonathan who after a successful career in the business sector decided to follow his calling to being engaged, on God’s behalf, with those in need as his full-time vocation.  Jonathan recently celebrated his 10th anniversary leading Habitat for Humanity’s work across the globe.

Here is a link to the video from the conversation:  http://livestream.com/wfu/reckford


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Kevin Campbell

Former President/CEO

Kevin Campbell, former President/CEO of Habitat Wake, is a recognized leader in service to the goal of affordable homeownership in Wake County and around the world.  His unwavering professional commitment to Habitat for Humanity and its vision – a world where everyone has a decent place to live - goes back nearly 30 years. Follow him on twitter at @kevinhabitat.