Constructive Vortex Of Love

Kevin Campbell | March 17, 2012

It’s always an exciting day when you get to participate in a house dedication—a time to celebrate with the homebuyers, the volunteers, the sponsors, and the Habitat staff who have worked so hard, in partnership, to create this incredible new opportunity for a family.

We are dedicating two homes later today—with the Pender and Johnson families—on Skycrest Drive in NE Raleigh close to our offices and Raleigh ReStore.  It will be a great celebration, as they always are, especially in this beautiful, early spring weather!

Nearly a year ago, a tornado rolled across Raleigh and caused substantial damage in the  Skycrest neighborhood.  You can still see evidence of that destructive force 11 months later.  

A tornado is nature’s best example of a destructive vortex. This morning, I thought of what an incredible constructive vortex of love that Habitat is.  People who don’t often know each other and most often don’t know the homebuyers give generously of their time and resources to come together in an act of selfless love to create the life-changing opportunity that we know as homeownership.  Tornadoes are acts of nature over which we have no control. 

The constructive vortex that is Habitat is entirely within our control and I find myself grateful that so many would voluntarily choose to get caught up in this vortex.  It’s hard to get out once you get in!

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Kevin Campbell

Former President/CEO

Kevin Campbell, former President/CEO of Habitat Wake, is a recognized leader in service to the goal of affordable homeownership in Wake County and around the world.  His unwavering professional commitment to Habitat for Humanity and its vision – a world where everyone has a decent place to live - goes back nearly 30 years. Follow him on twitter at @kevinhabitat.