245 Families!

Kevin Campbell | June 12, 2017

At our Board of Directors annual meeting earlier this month, our visionary Board approved an aggressive plan for us to serve 245 families in our Fiscal Year 2018 which begins July 1.  We are closing out a very successful FY17 June 30 and will serve 205 families, the first time in our history to reach the 200 family served level for a single year! For FY18, we’ll serve 70 families with homeownership opportunities and another 50 through our owner occupied Home Preservation repair program.  We’re excited to extend our commitment to our global partners with Habitat for Humanity in Honduras, Malawi, and Cambodia by providing financial and volunteer support to serve 125 families in those countries.  We can provide a new home in those countries for approximately $4,500! As the housing need in Wake County increases at a scary rate due to steeply rising costs our Board is willing to step out in faith to meet more of this need.  Thanks to the wider community for all of your financial and volunteer support.  We need you now more than ever!  We couldn’t dream of such a plan without your critical support!