We’re Just Getting Started

Kevin Campbell | June 10, 2015

Since 1985, Habitat Wake has built 500 new homes.  We are dedicating 7 more this week.  Yet, 28,000 Wake County families remain in need of affordable housing.

I saw Darrell Daigre, co-owner of Savvy Homes, on our Builders Blitz site this week.  I thanked Darrell for his company’s generous partnership in donating a new home to Habitat Wake in each of the last four years—a gift of at least $200,000!   Darrell responded enthusiastically saying, “We’re just getting started!”

30 years in and 500+ homes later, it indeed feels like Habitat Wake is just getting started.  Our new strategic plan for 2016-18 looks comprehensively at the need in our county and sets forth plans to chip away at the need through both our direct provision of housing and through advocacy and referral efforts.

Come join us!  Volunteer.  Donate.  Pray.  All of the above!