Who Buys Habitat Homes?

January 10, 2017

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about who buys Habitat homes.  Simply put, we evaluate applications for homeownership on three criteria:  1) need for housing 2) ability to pay and 3) willingness to partner.  This has been a good formula that has produced amazing results over Habitat’s 40 years.

Habitat homebuyers are people you see around you every day providing much needed services in the community—school bus drivers, sherrif’s deputies, CNAs, bank tellers, food service workers, taxi drivers.

And, as of last evening, national champion college football quarterbacks!  Clemson’s Deshaun Watson grew up in a Habitat for Humanity home in Gainesville, Georgia.  And it’s not incidental in his life, as described on the AP College Football site yesterday.

In fact, Watson was recognized last fall for his continued partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Check out this blog post from ESPN a few months back:


Habitat homebuyers are our partners in this ministry where everyone who gives receives and everyone who receives gives.  Come out and partner with us and learn for yourself!