Selling your Habitat Wake home

Families and individuals who purchase Habitat Wake homes may sell them at any time. If you are selling your Habitat Wake home, please be mindful that Habitat for Humanity of Wake County must be offered the chance to purchase your home first.  This is called Right of First Refusal. 

Please note, we will only provide payoff information to the Habitat homeowners or authorized third parties. The homeowner must sign a third-party authorization, that must be forwarded with initial email. 

How to begin the process of selling your Habitat Wake home: 

  • Contact Habitat Wake for your mortgage payoff amount. Please send an email with your name and property address to We will respond with the payoff via email within 24-48 hours of your email. 

  • List your home for sale on the real estate market.
  • Once you have accepted an offer, please forward a copy of the offer via email to 
  • Allow Habitat Wake 7-14 business days to review the offer. 
  • If Habitat Wake choses to match the offer and wishes to buy your home back, you will be contacted by a member of our team for next steps.
  • If Habitat Wake declines to move forward with purchasing your home. We will send you a letter of waiver. The letter of waiver states that Habitat Wake will not purchase your home and will terminate our Right of First Refusal. 
  • As you move forward with the closing process, if Habitat Wake declines to purchase, please have the closing attorney forward a blank Right of First Refusal to our team email address;  

Have other questions? Read our Homeownership FAQs to learn more.