2019 AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon

We are so excited to welcome more than 300 AmeriCorps members and alumni to Raleigh the week of May 20-24, 2019. The Build-a-Thon is an annual blitz-style event that brings together Habitat AmeriCorps members from all over the country to build together for one week. This is Habitat Wake's fifth year hosting the Build-a-Thon: since 2001, Habitat Wake has hosted nearly 1000 AmeriCorps members and alumni on various build and repair sites around Wake County.  AmeriCorps have helped build 33 homes in Wake County, and helped repair 23.

Are you an AmeriCorps volunteer heading to Raleigh soon? We can't wait for you to arrive! Here's some helpful info ahead of your arrival. 

Family Bios

We are excited to be building homes in partnership with 10 families as part of this Build-a-Thon. We hope you'll get a chance to meet them and speak with them as you work on their homes. You may see them at the Opening or Closing Ceremony or out on site throughout the week. Make sure to introduce yourself! 


The buses will shuttle volunteers to site each day, arriving at 8:00 am. Lunches will be one site, and buses will take you back to the NC State dorms at 5pm each day. Check out the daily construction schedule, broken down by color block. 


Breakfast and dinner will be provided by our NC State partners. The campus dining hall is full of excellent options, including their famous Howling Cow Ice Cream, courtesy of the university's very own dairy farms.  Lunches will be provided on site, and will include options for people who have allergies or other special dietary considerations. 

Social Media

Of course we want you to connect with us and with each other! We hope you'll post throughout the week using the hashtag #buildathon and tagging @habitatwake, @habitat_org, and @HFHAmeriCorps.