Volunteer Crew Leader

Volunteer Crew Leaders

Habitat Wake is seeking Volunteer Crew Leaders.  Crew Leaders assist Construction Staff in leading volunteers to perform specific construction tasks on site.  You can become certified to be a Volunteer Crew Leader in one or more construction skills.

In order to be certified to lead a crew, each Crew Leader will be required to

  • attend one general orientation session (click here to sign up)
  • attend a hands-on training session for each task they wish to supervise
  • lead volunteer groups on two or more build days as a trainee, with supervision
  • gain approval from one of our construction staff members

A great Volunteer Crew Leader

  • is committed to affordable housing and Habitat’s mission
  • is committed to volunteerism
  • enjoys working with a wide variety of people
  • is a morning person or can arrive on site well-caffeinated
  • can tackle physically-demanding work safely and at a steady pace
  • is energized by working as part of a team to accomplish a challenging goal
  • is flexible and adaptable
  • is available to lead a crew of volunteers 15-20 times per year
  • is at least 18 years old

Does that sound like you? Train to become a Volunteer Crew Leader! To get started, contact Christin Murphy, Volunteer Services Manager at