Habitat Office Support


Habitat office Support – Make an impact without breaking a sweat!

Prefer an office environment to the build site? Join us behind-the-scenes as an as we keep our projects humming and support Habitat Wake’s community-transforming work office support volunteer.

Habitat Wake is currently seeking regular volunteers in the following areas:

  • Administrative Support

Support Habitat Wake’s operations by assisting with front-desk hospitality, data entry, mailings,  fund development campaigns, technical efficiencies, and special events.

  • Hospitality 

We continue to be in need of hospitality volunteers, but the role will be slightly different for each build site and the unique needs of that location. The construction team has taken on more of the responsibility of checking in volunteers, but they are always appreciative of extra help and crowd control.


Volunteer position: Habitat Wake Ambassador

Throughout the year we receive numerous requests to participate in various events and volunteer fairs to promote Habitat’s mission and recruit volunteers. Though we participate in as many of these events as we are able, we would love to have a team of volunteers who would be able and willing to help staff these events. (Examples include the North Carolina Home Show, Raleigh Symphony, Ironman competition, etc.)

Additionally, we encourage each volunteer to feel empowered to reach out to local organizations and clubs to help recruit volunteers. In particular, we are in need of regular daytime volunteers (for ReStore shifts, front desk shifts, regular Construction shifts, hospitality, etc.). Carolyn Baxter has agreed to chair this group of volunteers, providing regular training and materials to support the goals of the team.


Volunteer Position: Collegiate Challenge / Mission groups “Guide”

Throughout the year groups travel from all over the country to serve with Habitat Wake. In the fall and winter these tend to be college groups (“Collegiate Challenge”) and in the summer they tend to be church mission trips. These groups often fill gaps and are able to take on major multi-day tasks that other volunteers aren’t able to perform and are, therefore, a huge asset to us. They also pay a small per person fee, which adds up to be a significant contribution. Bottom line: these groups are really important to us!

Because these groups are coming from out of town, we would love to have volunteer who would be willing to be their guide before, during, and after their visit. This would be someone who loves North Carolina culture and understands the importance of Southern hospitality. More specifically, we need a volunteer who will:

    • Help secure lodging for each group with one of our partner churches
    • Be the primary contact to field questions from the group
    • Secure Monday evening meals with a local food vendor
    • (Ideal, but not required) Greet the group upon their arrival, either Sunday at the church where they are lodging or Monday at the Habitat office
    • Check in with the group during their stay
    • Follow up with the group after they return home to check on safe arrival and request input via survey

Volunteer Position: Event planner

As an organization we would not exist without our volunteers, so we want to make sure that they feel appreciated! One of the ways that we show our gratitude and share information is to host events. This role could be divided up between multiple volunteers. Some coordination with other teams may be required. Regular events include:

    • Quarterly construction leader meetings
    • Annual holiday dinner for construction leaders
    • Annual recognition event for office, administrative, and hospitality volunteers
    • Annual volunteer picnic

The primary responsibilities of this role are to:

    • Secure a suitable meeting location
    • Obtain refreshments (within budget)
    • (As needed and appropriate) Identify event theme, obtain decorations, help with decorating, assist with games / props / general fun stuff


Volunteer Position: Restaurant (and other vendor) partnerships

If you are the sort of person who is good at negotiating with people and obtaining gifts, this is the role for you! From coffee to donuts to lunches to gift cards, there are several occasions where it would be helpful to have donations from local vendors. This role interacts with our “Collegiate Challenge / Mission Groups Guide” (securing free/discounted lunches) and the Event Planner.


If you are interested in any of the above volunteer positions, please email our volunteer services department to set up an interview.

Office support volunteers will also need to attend one general information session.  Click here to sign up.


Volunteer Position: Homeownership Coach

Accountable to: Family Empowerment Manager, Family Relations Department


Partner with the Habitat homeowner for a time period of 8-9 months to assist with the development and execution of goals and to answer questions and concerns along the homeownership path – helping to plan for and think about all of the issues related to finances, sweat equity, insurance, moving, etc. All decisions and changes are the homeowners’ choice. Habitat Wake wants homeowners to be hopeful and encouraged by this major life transition – so we want the coach to work with them when they have questions, run into snags, or want to find diverse ways to do things.


    • Each homeownership coach will attend a 4 hour training session.

Expected Commitment:

    • Commit to coaching 1-2 homeowners simultaneously for a period of 8-9 months each.
    • Communicate with family on a monthly basis by phone or in-person (at least 2 in-person interactions).
    • Communicate with Habitat Staff monthly or as needed via email or phone.
    • Maintain accurate documentation of all interactions with the homeowner.


    • Assist homeowner to develop goals and sort through and resolve any concerns during the process (i.e. homeownership, finances, credit, childcare, etc.).
    • Assist with the understanding of Habitat Wake’s requirements throughout the homeownership process as it relates to finances, sweat equity, and homeownership.
    • Conduct monthly meetings by phone or in-person to discuss any concerns related to finances, sweat equity and trainings.
    • Review key information related to homeownership classes and pre/post home move-in.
    • Provide referrals to community resources and events.
    • Occasionally, visit homeowner at sweat equity work-site and/or attend the grounbeaking/home dedication ceremony.

Homeowner coaches will be accepted on a rolling basis. If you are interested in the volunteer homeowner coach position, please contact Alicia Lindsey at 919.744.2427 or