Global Building

Each year, volunteers travel with Habitat Wake to Honduras, Malawi and Cambodia to help spread our mission globally.

2018 Global Village Trips
La Ceiba, Honduras — February 3 – 11
Join Habitat Wake and Habitat for Humanity Honduras for this special global build to La Ceiba and help bring strength, stability and independence to families in need a decent place to live. The 2018 Honduras Trip is being called the 360 Trip, honoring President/CEO Kevin Campbell and his wife, Gayle Campbell’s three-decade tenure with Habitat and 60th birthdays in March.

For more information, contact team leaders Kevin Campbell, Habitat Wake, at, or Gayle Campbell, Habitat for Humanity International, at

Madisi, Malawi — June 1 – 10
The 2018 Malawi Team will help build safe, affordable homes in the town of Madisi, where Garner-based ZOE International works to empower vulnerable children. You’re invited to join us for an information session on Monday, September 18 at Wesley United Methodist Church, located at 714 E Whitaker Mill Road in Raleigh.

For more information, contact team leaders Kevin Campbell, Habitat Wake, at, or Rev. Christina Parrish, Wesley United Methodist Church, at

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Habitat Wake is a leader in building globally

Our vision of “a world where everyone has a decent place to live” extends beyond Wake County. Habitat Wake has built 285 homes outside of the United States and ranked #2 among 1,400 affiliates in global building during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016. In 2015, Habitat Wake committed to reaching a biblical (10%) Global Tithe by 2018.

Globally, Habitat for Humanity provides housing solutions in more than 70 countries. More than 1.6 billion people around in the world have housing needs. Affordability is the major need in Wake County, but the housing need globally is much more diverse, with challenges ranging from land tenure to access to safe drinking water.

Habitat Wake’s Global Partners: Honduras, Malawi and Cambodia

Our special partnership with Habitat Honduras has had a dramatic impact on the residents of Honduras and our volunteers. In recent years, local volunteers have traveled to Honduras twice a year to build in partnership with Honduran families. Our work in Honduras has resulted in a community full of children and families, front yards with small gardens, and neighbors gathering to socialize. The town’s playground is called Parque Wake County and serves as tangible evidence that our partnership is making a difference. Since 2012, Habitat Wake has built 174 homes in Honduras, including a 32-home community in El Rosario.

Global Building Habitat Wake Global Building Habitat Wake 2 Global Building Habitat Wake Santa Rosa

Habitat Wake recently expanded to establish partnerships in Cambodia and Malawi. Our selection of these countries was intentional and personal, and will allow us to have an impact in South America, Asia, and Africa.

We are drawn to support housing needs in Cambodia largely because of our affiliate’s relationship with many Montagnard partner families who have resettled in Wake County from Vietnam and Cambodia. Marked by decades of war, Cambodia has seen the level of poverty decline, but inequalities persist. The food and economic crises in 2008 and 2009 led to an exodus from rural areas to the cities, predominantly the capital Phnom Penh. The migrants faced the risk of eviction from rental housing, and struggled to find employment and could not afford to provide their children with basic education. One in five people in Phnom Penh lives in an informal settlement or a slum and lacks access to basic services and secure tenure. The urban poor settled in every conceivable empty space, from courtyards to rooftops, by the side of railway tracks, and near riverbanks and swamps.

Habitat Wake’s first mission trip to Malawi was held in June 2016. A team of Habitat Wake staff and volunteers worked alongside Malawan families to build brick homes with metal roofs and concrete floors.

In Malawi, Habitat Malawi has joined forces with ZOE Malawi, a locally formed mission of the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church serving orphans and vulnerable children in seven countries around the world with growing ecumenical support. Of the millions of young people orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in southern Africa, many live in inadequate housing. Habitat’s vision of all people—including the most vulnerable—having a decent place to live is becoming a reality through the Orphans and Vulnerable Groups program, which includes improved housing as well as training in malaria prevention, HIV prevention, vocational skills, and property and inheritance rights. Some stories from the Habitat Wake/ZOE partnership are featured below:

Balon Maupo
Balon lost his father in 2002, and he was left to take care of his four siblings and his 49-year-old mother who has a disability. He and his family will be moving into their new home soon.

Fatsani Haswel
Fatsani is the oldest in his family of three children. His mother died in 2014 and his father abandoned them and went to marry another wife. Fatsani is now the breadwinner of the family and has helped with the construction of their new home.

Help us build homes, communities and hope around the world!

If you are part of a group interested in participating in a Global Village trip to Honduras, Cambodia, Malawi, or elsewhere in the world, please contact Rick Beech, Vice President Faith Relations, at or 919.744.2403.


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